Leo Female Characteristics

Find out the characteristics of Leo female.

Leo Female Characteristics

  • Female Leos are the ones who represent the lioness of the jungle. They are confident, arrogant, loving, aggressive, generous and creative. They carry themselves in a manner that is extremely inspiring.

  • Women born with this sign are dominant and expect a royal treatment from people around them.

  • A Leo woman is lively, charming, beautiful and sensual. She never falls short of male attention.

  • They have a classy and superior taste. They are not satisfied with ordinary things. They strive for excellence.

  • They are versatile and multitalented, which allows them to inspire people around them.

  • They love a life full of luxury and extravagance. A Leo woman can go to any extent to lead a life that people around them envy.

  • Leo women are social bees and love to be surrounded by family members and friends. They are very caring and make it a point to see everyone around them is in complete comfort.

  • They are very creative and this is the reason they excel in professions involving creativity, like artists, writers, etc.

  • They are extremely jealous and possessive and even the slightest suspicion will make her insecure. Nonetheless she is never clingy and would give space to her loved ones.