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Leo Characteristics

Know more about Leo characteristics. Find out a lot more in detail about characteristics of Leo male and female.

Leo Characteristics

A Leo person is very independent. He or she is warm and action-oriented. Leo people love fame and publicity and always want to be under limelight and like to have an audience. A Leo person is also very enthusiastic and loves to socialize. They often tend to pass on this enthusiasm to others. They are optimistic, loyal and honest. This trait makes them a great leader. Being ruled by the Sun, a Leo person prefers to lead from the front and makes a great businessman. One of the characteristics of a Leo is determination. They also possess the rare ability to foresee the future and would make a great visionary leader. Their motto might be “what you see is what you get”. A Leo person is a diplomat. They can get along with people from all walks of life. They are not impulsive and analyze every situation before taking any action. They are arrogant and egoistic and often end up making more enemies than friends but they never step behind when it comes to helping others. A person born under this sign is creative. They come up with brilliant yet unique ideas. They love to live in a luxurious environment and can never settle for a second best.


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